Design Inspirations: Modern Rustic

Fall is the perfect time to indulge in some rustic design elements. Whether you’re trying to make your home feel a little cozier or you’re aiming to create an intimate, but on-trend space for a corporate or personal event, throwing in some rustic pieces or going all-out with a rustic theme is a great way to accomplish this.

But, you know us. At DesignWorks, we love to test the boundaries of tried and true themes, turning them on their head a bit to create a unique, one-of-a-kind event experience for our clients. So instead of going rustic or rustic chic, we added a touch of industrial. Check out the modern rustic space we designed below. It’s got lots of natural, reclaimed wood and wooden elements to give it that rustic ambiance, but also features a lot of clean edges and straight lines. We added in a splash of Farmer’s Market flair with the centerpieces and together with the fantastic event planners Operation Altitude, created something unique and memorable. A huge thanks to Jensen Sutta Photography for all the gorgeous photos! 

barrellstools beergardenusethisone centerpieces coucheswithaspenlogs craftdrafts floralwithdenverbeercobottle mountainview whiskeybusiness whole room view


Do you like the combination of industrial and rustic we used in this event? What are your favorite rustic elements? Comment below to let us know or head over to Facebook, like our page, and sound off there! And if you liked this post, do us a favor and share it with your friends, spread the design love!

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