Our Team

David Squires


Head of the Denver team, David is proud that Design Works has become the platform where his grandest ideas and purest designs come to fruition.

Rarely a moment goes by when David Squires isn’t in motion. As the Tastemaker and Floral Designer of DesignWorks, David’s supreme attention to detail, design know-how and personality are key throughout every department. Although David’s been doing this for longer than most of the staff has been alive, his knowledge of the newest trends in design and the latest bridal looks from season to season never cease to amaze.


Trudy Lundberg


Trudy is the go-to person for everything from office supplies to linens and finishing touches for an event. While answering phones, placing orders and responding to everyone’s questions (think human Swiss Army knife), Trudy keeps a smile on her face and is quick with a joke.

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Deb Bump


Well-schooled in the industry, Deb spent her college years studying graphic design and her school days working in special events. She graduated on to fine tune her knowledge over 15+ years, managing all aspects of events, from production and graphics to site installs and strikes.

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Terence Murray


Who is that man and how did he learn to drape fabric and swag so magnificently? This is a question many of us have heard many times before, and the answer is, of course, Terence Murray. He has been in this business as long as anyone can recall and is known as the ultimate on-site captain for our Denver team.

Bill Gutierez


Bill has been with Design Works from the very beginning and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to floral design. He has a long standing relationship with all our floral suppliers to get exactly what we need for every arrangement. Bill works along side our floral staff, both on and off site, creating beauty for you at every event.


Matt Isaacs


Juggling our staff for every single event is Matt. He makes sure people arrive on site on time and has his finger on the pulse for every detail needed for each event. You will find him walking the warehouse every day, making sure that furniture is pulled from shelves, linens are counted, trucks are loaded properly and then makes sure it all goes back in the right place for the next event.