Keys to Excellent Lighting for your Outdoor Event

Here at DesignWorks, we love fitting all the pieces of the event decor and design puzzle into their perfect slots, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for every client we work with. Part of our job as event designers is to help our clients understand how all the pieces of the puzzle work together and why they are all important. One of the most overlooked, but crucial components to the event experience is lighting. Lighting has the power to make or break the ambiance of your evening. It can leave people wondering why the space doesn’t feel more intimate (too bright) or leave people squinting at their menus, feeling like they walked into a dive bar (too dark).

Achieving the right lighting is especially important if you’re hosting an outdoor event. There are an endless combination of types of lighting and fixtures you can use to create the perfect ambiance for your event, and when lighting is done right, it often goes unnoticed, simple elevating the guest experience without guests noticing. We understand why lighting gets overlooked, but that doesn’t mean we think it should.

Whether it’s bistro lights strung to outline a dance floor, lanterns with candles to set a soft glow over an entire space, or something a little more involved, each light helps tell a different story when paired with the draping, decor, and furniture that make up the rest of your event.

We recently lit up a wedding and reception for an amazing couple with free spirits, and as you can see, those lights helped guide the guest experience and contribute to the bohemian feel the entire wedding had. Check it out.









all photos by levi tijernia

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