DW’s Throwback Thursday: 2010’s Finest

It is DesignWorks’ Official Throwback Thursday, and instead of posting embarrassing awkward childhood photos of ourselves, we are going to show you fabulous events from DW Design’s past.  Today we are rewinding back to 2010 when Lady Gaga wore  meat dresses, Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana, and we designed a gorgeous romantic wedding that is still to this day a DW favorite.  *Insert Nostalgic Sigh*  Check out this gorgeous, dramatic, one of a kind wedding we had the pleasure of creating!


We will give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor…. Deep breath, ready?  This DW designed Chuppah left us and guests alike speechless with dramatic drapery, whimsical florals, and the purity of crisp & creamy whites contrasted with a deep black background.

Full Room View

Gobos galore graced the walls of the Seawell Grand Ballroom while several styles of centerpieces posed on each guest table.


Any which way guests looked they were greeted by romantic and unique centerpieces made up of whimsical trees with fresh blooms and glowing whirly birds, lavish white rose and tulip creations elevated to new heights, and a tiered masterpiece made with a variety of creamy florals.

Happy designing DW fans!

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