Broncos Halftime at Bar Mitzvah Bowl XIII

Bronco’s Halftime Party | Snacks, Cocktails, and Dinner

We kicked off this halftime Bar Mitzvah by welcoming guests through a Bronco’s styled doorway. Inside, a locker room had been decked out with goodies just for the kids, plus each party goer got their own cubbie with a nameplate for storing their things during the festivities Opening into the main space, brightly lit bars, an eclectic set of tables and chairs, and more Broncos gear than we thought existed decorated the event.

Adult attendees ordered drinks from orange and blue bars and were comfortably seated at tall chrome tables embellished with football graphics, centerpieces, and chairs. As always, it is Design Works goal to ensure the event space is as organized as it is beautiful, so a game day inspired ‘ticket booth’ was created which guests where ushered towards to receive their seating assignments. This event was wrapped up in the best way possible with live entertainment, concessions, and irresistible desserts to feed all those Broncos fans.

Photography: Jared Wilson Photography

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