DW’s Fabulous Furniture Family

We here at DesignWorks have been adding many new members to our tight knit, yet expanding, family so it was time to dig deep into the depths of our warehouse and have a big reunion with those who have been with us in the beginning, to those who are fresh off of the FedEx truck!  Confused yet?  We are talking about our eclectic and one of a kind furniture collection!  Take a peek at some members of our fabulous furniture family!

Did you know: DesignWorks owns over 100 sofas and our stock continues to grow monthly.

Saddle Sofa

Saddle Barrel Chair

Roundback Tuffed Linen Sofa

Linen Love Seat

Fun Fact: Tufted furniture is trending now but has been around since the early 1700’s.  It is believed that Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield made the style popular coining the term “Chesterfield” Sofa.

Naples Collection

Modern Royalty Collection

Did You Know: Guests can rest their tuchus on over 45 different types of chairs we at DW have in our warehouse!

Metal Retro Chair

Floating White Cube Sofa

Floating Red Cube Chair

Floating Black Cube Sofa

Floating White Cube Chair

Floating Black Cube Chair

DW Side Note:  Side tables create wonderful accents to any lounge.  We have over 45 options to choose from!

Punched Bell Side Table

Francois Gold Side Table

Branch Side Table

Adele Coffee Table Mirrored Console

Fun Surprise:  DesignWorks is in the midst of creating a brand new catalog for clients and fans alike to peruse and check out what’s new at DW.

Driftwood Ottoman

Happy Designing DW Fans!

Post written by Megan Grose

Photography by Scottie Davidson Photography




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