DW Designed Chairs: Grab A Seat!

What kind of seat are you resting on as you read this blog?  Are you in a desk chair? A driver’s seat (get your eyes back on the road!)?  A sofa?  Or are you being an overachiever and making our blog your afternoon workout read?  We love to spiff up the chairs that guests rest their keister on because every element of an event is fabulous when DesignWorks has a part in it (we couldn’t resist the plug)!  Check out some of our favorite seat enhancing, user friendly, derriere loving, DW designed chair décor!

Wood chivari

White Chivari bridal

Mahogany Chivari Sahd and Roses

Gold with flip tie

White Chiovari orchid

Camphagne chair cover



Happy Designing DW Fans!

Post Written by Megan Grose

Chair Design by DesignWorks by Dave & Mike

Photgraphy by: Studio JK, Michael Roffino, Real Life Portraits, Eric Stephenson Photography



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