5 Things to Keep in Mind For Your Fall Event


You may be tossing your jack-o-lanterns now that they’re looking a little shriveled, and the Halloween decor is probably heading into boxes for another year, but we’ve got plenty of Fall left and plenty of opportunities for Fall celebrations. Before you look at your event planning to-do list and start to panic, read this post. It’s true that higher chances for inclement weather adds a few complications to the planning equation, but if you keep these 5 things in mind while you’re planning, there’s no need to fret. Your fall soiree will go fabulously.


1. Keep weather in mind for your location.

Especially in and around Denver, there’s no reason you can’t throw an outdoor bash in the Fall, but definitely incorporate weather into your planning. This might mean choosing a location that has an indoor option if the weather acts up, or choosing your space based on its ability to handle a tent and patio heaters.

2. Keep weather in mind for your guests.

If it fits with your theme and you’re planning on an outdoor event, have blankets available for guests in lounge areas in case they get chilly. Make sure the dress code is temperature appropriate, and if it’s going to be cold, don’t be afraid to tell guests to dress warmly. Trust us, they will appreciate the tip later.


3. Get creative with your decor to encourage conversation.

Something about the Fall begs for guests to get a little cozier. If you’re hosting an event where you want the conversation to flow freely during cocktail hour, using decor is a great way to set that stage. Use plush lounge furniture clustered close together and plenty of throw pillows to push people closer together. Add in some coffee tables where people will gravitate toward a surface to set down their (warm) drinks and boom. You’ve created people magnets that will leave guests no choice but to get to chatting or risk standing there awkwardly pretending no one else is there, and no one wants to be that guest.


photo by Jensen Sutta

4. Choose floral that can handle the chill.

Of course, you only need the centerpieces and arrangements to last about 6-8 hours, but you’d be surprised at how adversely some flowers react to chillier temperatures. If you want to really make sure your arrangements can handle whatever the weather throws at them, try including some dusty miller, blue salvia, hibiscus, or creeping wire vine in your floral. These are frost-resistant florals. Talk with your florist if you’re worried about the longevity of your arrangements, but most pieces will survive the length of your party.


5. Make your menu heartier than usual.

We’re not suggesting you provide a full Thanksgiving feast for your guests (but if that’s what you’re going for, by all means! We’re sure your guests will appreciate it!), but keep the season in mind when you choose the menu for your event. For drinks, try a hot chocolate and coffee bar, or offer warm spiked drinks. When it comes to food, choose heavier appetizers that have warm components to them if you aren’t having a full meal. Mini grilled cheeses with a small glass of tomato soup or little bowls of mashed potatoes mixed with all the delicious home-cooked fixins. Fall is the perfect time to throw a little home-cooked comfort food into your event. After all, everyone loves a little nostalgia while they nibble on foods that will warm them up from the inside out.

See? Planning your party even as the weather gets a little less predictable doesn’t have to be so stressful. It gets even easier when you have the right professionals at your side every step of the way. Are you planning an event in November and need some decor, design, or floral help? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email  at info@designworksevents.com or give us a call at 720.941.7440, we’d love to chat.

What are your top Fall party planning tips?

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