The Calla Lilies are in Bloom Again!

We at DesignWorks like to think if the late Katharine Hepburn walked into one of our well designed soirées, she would quickly realize that the now ever so famous calla lily is not just used for funerals as she so eloquently stated in her heart breaking scene!  We love the calla lily!  Why?  They are resilient, gorgeous, unique, fun to work with, and did we mention resilient?  They can bake in the hot summer sun without wilting, lie in the cold mountain snow without dying, and be the last man, or in this case, flower standing at the end of a party!  Their stems are more flexible than the most well practiced yogi; they are strong and just downright fabulous!  Check out a few of our favorite Calla moments at a recent wedding at the Denver Art Museum!   Right_Wedding  (96) Right_Wedding  (21) Right_Wedding  (13) Right_Wedding  (9) Right_Wedding  (4) Post Written by Megan Grose

Photography: A & A Photography

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