Part Two: Debunking Myths of the King’s Vs. Rounds Controversy

Happy Friday DW Fans!  Before we show you the pros of both King’s and Round tables, because let’s be honest, there are no cons with DW designed events (we couldn’t resist the plug), we want to address a couple of  myths that have been told throughout the party planning ages:

Myth 1:  If my guests sit at a round table, they can talk with everyone, compared to a King’s table, where they can only chat to those sitting next to them.

DW Answer: FALSE!  Have you ever found yourself at a wedding where the self-absorbed DJ is blasting music, blissfully unaware that guests are not amused and attempting to have a conversation?  When sitting at a round table, you find yourself raising your voice to talk to the person directly in front of you (a little over 5 feet away from you to be exact).  Most tend to chat with those next to them when at a Round.  DesignWorks creates King’s table centerpieces either low or very high so you can see those directly in front of, diagonally, and beside of you.  King’s contribute to a more social ambiance whereas rounds end up making guests’ experience a little more intimate.

Myth 2:  Rounds take up more space in a venue and King’s don’t.  I can fit more people in my venue if I use King’s!

DW Answer: FALSE!  An average king’s table is 4’ x 8’, that takes up a whopping 32sqft!  The average round table is 5ft in diameter taking up just under 20sqft!

Myth 3: I have to either use ALL round tables, or ALL King’s Tables.

DW Answer: FALSE! We love combining the two styles creating texture, excitement, and variety throughout your event design.

Check out the fabulous pros of King’s and Rounds custom created by DesignWorks.

Round Table: Blue and Red Design

Cool blue lighting, warm red roses, and crystal accents made this event a well-rounded masterpiece.

King's Table:  Fun & Feminine

A King’s table fit for a Queen!  A mirror runner reflected the different shades of beauty with peonies, hydrangea, roses and crystal candlelight.

Round Table: Purple and Green Palette

Round tables and flowing drapes softened the clean cut architectural lines of the modern Ponti Hall at the Denver Art Museum.

King's Table: Monet Stemware

Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Hydrangea posed on the long runway at this colorful King’s table.

King’s vs. Rounds, it is a rivalry that stood the test of time, and moves bravely into our party planning futures.  With some of the common myths busted, we at DesignWorks hope you can make a confident decision on which table you will use for your next fabulous soirée.

Happy designing DW fans!

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