Gift Guide for your Holiday Party Hosts

gift guide for your holiday party hosts

This is the time of year when our social calendars fill up quickly. Between family time and friends’ parties, there’s a lot to do and plenty of places to go. When the party invites start rolling in, one of the things you’ll inevitably think is, “What should I bring?!” What to gift your hostess depends on a few factors, so we wanted to help take some of the guesswork out of it for you with some tried and true hostess gift ideas we’ve seen time and again at events over the years.

bring a bottle of wine

1. A nice bottle of wine. If you’re going to a party where you know alcohol will be served, and your hostess is cool with consuming responsibly, this is a great way to say thanks. Just be sure to find out their wine preferences beforehand (but try to be sneaky about it so you don’t ruin the surprise!)

2. A food item to share – with an extra serving just for the host. This gift works well if your party is a potluck style, but is not recommended if your host has a menu set for the event. However, if you still want to give food, package up some of your best homemade treats in a festive manner and gift those. Though they won’t be consumed that night, it will be a welcome snack the next day when party cleanup is a hassle.

a fun holiday decor item can brighten up their space as a thank you

3. A nice piece of home decor. All the best gifts require a little research first, but if you know a little bit about your hostesses’ holiday decorating style, you can pick out a little something new to add a bit of pizazz to their decor. Make sure it’s something they don’t already have!

a delicious smelling holiday themed candle is a great way to thank your host or hostess for inviting you



















4. Delicious-smelling candles. Air freshener and ambiance holder all in one, holiday-themed scented candles are a great, easy way to say thanks to a really stellar host or hostess.

5. Certificate to a local cleaning service. If you’ve ever hosted a decent sized shindig at your own home, you know what cleanup the next day is like. If your host or hostess is throwing the party at their place, get them a gift card to a local cleaning service. That way they can enjoy the day after basking in memories made instead of sinking up to their elbows in trash bags and obtaining rug burns from scrubbing the carpets.

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